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violent rayne
26 August 1980
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Newly married to a man i have known my whole life and am happier than I have ever been.
a-line haircuts, a-lines, abandoned buildings, absinthe, anime, art, attachment parenting, baths, bdsm, bettie page, birth, blood, body art, body mod, body modification, bondage, boob nazis, books, breastfeeding, breastfeeding advocacy, bulimia, candles, cathedrals, cats, cemeteries, charlaine harris, child protective services, children, co sleeping, common sense, constitutional right to parent, corsetry, corsets, crafting, dancing, dark urban fantasy, david bowie, domination, drastic-looking hair, eating disorders, experimentation, faeries, false allegations, family, family preservation, feminism, ferrets, fetish photography, first life, friends, genitorturers, gentle parenting, glam, grey's anatomy, hair color, hair dye, hair junkie, hairspray, hairstyling, halloween, harry potter, hello kitty, herbal remedies, high heels, home improvement, horror, horror movies, husbands, hysterectomy, implied nudes, incense, indian food, insomniac, kelley armstrong, kids, kim harrison, kissing, knitting, knives, laughing, leather, life, lightning, lips, love, macro photography, makeup, maleficent, marriage, married life, maternal instinct, medical anomalies, mexican food, modeling, modern faery tales, mothering, movies, music, my kids, myspace, natural parenting, nightmare before christmas, nursing, old school goth, pagan, parenting, photography, photoshop, pictures, piercings, pin ups, pin-up girls, post traumatic stress disorder, punk, pvc, rachel morgan, ranting, razor cutting, reading, red lipstick, road trips, rockabilly, roleplaying games, roller derby, second life, serial killers, sewing, sex, sleeping, spirits of the damned, stigmata, storms, submission, tattooed girls, tattoos, tim burton, tori amos, true blood, unassisted birth, vampires, volunteering, wicca, women., writing